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Campaign to abolish the death penalty and to defend the right to life as an absolute right

Foreword : International Diplomatic Network of International Law and Human Rights in the Kingdom of Norway believes that the death penalty is the greatest violation of human right in this life. The continued practice of this penalty and its existence in this world is a rumination of past legislations which present a source of fear and anxiety that our world is not safe because of the culture of violence and revenge instead of a culture of understanding and reform…

Meaning of death penalty and results of its practice :

The implementation of death penalty means killing someone in order of punishment or general deterrence and prevention. Crimes that lead to this penalty are called criminal penalties. It was implemented in all communities except those which have laws derived from the formal legislation of the state that prevent this penalty.

This penalty is a contentious issue which exists in many countries, and attitudes could change in every political doctrine or cultural scale. There is a great exception for Europe where the second article of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union prevents applying this penalty. Today, Amnesty International considers that the most countries are for repealing this penalty which has allowed the United Nations from issuing a decision that cancels the death penalty. But, more than 60% of the world’s population live in countries that apply this penalty. Nowadays, we are living in world that applies the death penalty not only for adults but also in some countries the death penalty was executed against minors. Many countries adhere to implementing this judgment on humanitarian.

In this world, we are in the framework of human rights organizations and as international human rights activists, we call the whole world to stand against the death penalty and to restore the right of life for human who is threatened by it for any moment.

When this right becomes protected, we will make this world a safe place for mankind as a whole. For that, our attitude should continue thanks to its believers and together we must prove to this world that activists will face anyone who tries to violate the human rights.

Campaign objectives:

1. The International Diplomatic Network of International Law and Human Rights aims to sign the most prominent document of human rights in this world. It will be signed by: civil society organizations, human rights activists and International networks to stand against the death penalty. In order to prove to the countries which still implement the death penalty that the humanitarian sound will not stand helpless seeing them violating the right of life from human.

2. After signing the document, lay awareness programs and spread the culture of international laws in all over the world through organizations, bodies, human rights activists who have signed the document and who have held conferences, training and awareness courses to define how dangerous our existence in this world under the threat of crimes that violate life.

3.Submission of an annual report on the death penalty to the United Nations, the European Parliament and the University of Arab States and seek to hold a conference in partnership with the international bodies of all the organizations that contributed in signing the document to make the whole world know that civil society organizations and human rights activists have a strong will to return the right to life protected, sponsored and guaranteed.

4.Grant human rights award from the diplomatic network of international law and human rights in the Kingdom of Norway on an annual basis to organizations that are active in spreading awareness and international activists to promote the struggle for the right to life.

Against death penalty

Against Death Penalty