The International Diplomatic Network of International Law and Human Rights, civil society organizations, human rights activists, all states that ended the death penalty, all international bodies and international organizations; we all demand to lay an ongoing program to raise awareness and urge the states that implement the death penalty to consider the cancellation of this penalty and adopt the cultural program of our campaign according to conditions of communities and states by using all electronic programs, social media that raise awareness of individuals and concerned authorities to introduce them human rights, specifically the right to life and all means which guarantee it such as the struggle to stop the death penalty.

        Our world has become a small village after the ability of reaching each house through the means of communication, it is possible to contact each family, every child, woman and man which made us able to spread the culture of human rights and promote our campaigns to defend the right of life and activate dialogues between the different visions on the death penalty…

       According to the referendum done by the Diplomatic Network through its members in some countries; I found that the views are still different in this issue but many of those who believe constantly of the death penalty are not aware of human rights meanings…

       For that, we seek to activate the media awareness campaigns of human rights and define the importance to stop the death penalty, which will make us achieve the dissemination of enlightenment thought, contribute to open minds and give them the logic of era.

      Here, we are confident that youth category is the most accommodating to our campaign and the most effective to spread its successful humanitarian culture. It will break the limits of the impossible which depend on backward beliefs that violate the sacred right of life.

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