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The world is witnessing political and historical changes that have changed the course of events around us, wars have left many crises and victims.

You volunteers, you are the real heroes behind the most important humanitarian issue taking place in the current century. What you have done for refugees from relief and humanitarian work and the unlimited dedication was and still the main supporter of refugees around the world. You demonstrated to the whole world the true meaning of global citizenship. You drawn the smile, you lessen the pain and you saved the lives with all dedication.

Believing in the greatness of what you have done and a desire to shed light on your venerable deeds, the International Diplomatic Network of International Law and Human Rights was honored to honor you internationally and granting you the first class medal of humanitarian donation to highlight your work for the whole world to remain a witness to the history of what you made and an example for the future generations.

If you are a volunteer during the refugee crisis took the initiative to nominate your name and an overview about the work that you have done and we will contact you.

If you know a volunteer and you believe that he deserves this honor, took the initiative to nominate his name and an overview about his work and we will contact him.

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