Colocynth tree does not germinate fig


Greek philosopher (Heraclitus) said: that war is a continuation of politics by new means according to the theory of (Clausewitz) German officer, author of the book “The Art of War”. War does not lead to peace, does Colocynth tree germinate fig ?? No way no way for which you are promised!!
Who reads well the history and he understands a fixed fact that wars whatever its size, there is no winner in it because of what results from destruction ,loss ,dead , wounded and disabled, in addition to being incompatible with the laws and the UN Charter, which calls for world peace and resolve differences through peaceful means and dialogue.
At a time in which the eyes are directed to sustainable development and tackling problems poverty in the world and make efforts to build a world free from weapons of mass destruction.We find that terrorism has reached an advanced stage that we have not seen before and was spreading as the disease of cholera in various parts of the world after having established his base in Syria and Iraq.
The collaboration of the international community in the fight against terrorism in all its forms and to support the war effort against it, surrounding it and drying up its funding sources instead of the elimination of its intellectual sources is a cornerstone in establishing the bases of peace and the rejection of violence all over the world.
Since the strategic and tactical aspects of war are always changing, the theories and doctrines of war are often formulated before, during, and after every major war.Carl von Clausewitz said: “Each age has its special kind of wars, special circumstances and distinctive prejudices.”
The elimination of the international terrorism was one of the first tasks that should be devoted and urged governments and people to manage requirements ; to fight and eliminate its sources to enable the establishment of a world without conflicts and wars , and invest initfortunes and energies toward a comprehensive and balanced development to be the framework for the dialogue of civilizations and consolidating the values of love and peace in the world, and peaceful coexistence between peoples on the basis of the UN Charter and international law.
At the moment , the world becomes in an urgent need to adopt new mechanisms and laws regulating international relations at the official and popular levels and rejecting violence and war to achieve political goals by giving priority for the civil society to actively participate in the decision-making down to devoting the concept of a civilized civil state , which brings together communities ,sects, nationalities and ethnicities.It granted for the citizen the right to choose his religion and belief and to practice his rituals without the intervention of the authority.
In our current circumstances, the principles of human rights are more vulnerable to abuse than the past time because of what the world is witnessing the repercussions of wars and policies. Therefore, it is imperative for the international organization to activate the laws and give moral and material support, and issuing new laws that regulate these rights and punish everyone who trespasses it. It is not enough monitoring, noting and referring to the hundreds of daily violations of human rights in many countries of the world especially those that are not abide by international law and classified its citizens unfairly, first-class citizen and another from a lower degree.
Is it reasonable that the unfair competition continue to gain markets and energy, to threaten the world by a new war here and there, after the human has reached the meanings of the finest precious life from a qualitative development in various fields of life? A question that is important to answer it.

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