Human rights complaint:

It is the complaint received by the network from its cooperating organizations and members from different countries, which relates to the subjects concerning the human rights like torture, enforced disappearance and other cases in particular.

In addition, the reception of complaints which reveals through the credible evidence that is carried out through a consistent pattern of gross violations for human rights in a particular state, where they are studied by the Human Rights Commission, and finding out all the details of complaint and the nature of evidence whether from a formal point that must be provided to accept the complaint or its objectivity.

The reception of complaints is made through the work under the procedure number (1235) issued by the Economic and Social Council in 1967 ,as well as the procedure number (1503) which is issued in 1970 by the Economic and Social Council too. Further, the Commission procedure of Women Center which are all considered within the non-treaty mechanisms to protect the human rights which were adopted by the United Nations.

Conditions for accepting individual complaints

 1-The complaint should be submitted to one of the countries to ratify the actions of the Committee (the first Optional Protocol to the International Covenant)

2- The case itself should not be visible to another international side.

3- The complaint should not contain harm to the use of right.

4- The complainant should had exhausted all sorts of national appeal.

And the individual complaint becomes unacceptable when:

1- When the source of complaint is obscure.

2- If the complaint represents a misuse of right.

3.-If the complaint is not compatible with the treaty actions.

4- If the domestic remedies were not exhausted only if these messages take a long time for an unacceptable degree.

Additional targets of the Commission on human rights complaint

1- Building the capacities of member organizations, observers and specialists concerned with making use of complaints in the human rights and legal issues, and finding out the mechanisms, criterias and conditions that must be provided in the complaint

  1. Build an effective network of people who are able to submit complaints according to the international standards.
  2. The creation of an international solidarity and networking.
  3. Exploiting the results in following-up the human rights situation.
  4. Make the international law in relation with the home country.

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