Marginalization of the difference between individual violence and collective assaults


Incubator environment for terrorism around the world

There were many reasons that contributed and still contribute to find an incubator environment for the extremist organizations and terrorist groups. but the field facts, political developments and “leadership” attitudes and the opposite media packaging and make it necessary for the separation of several considerations. We must clarify the following:

* First: – the difference between the behavior of extremist thought (or psychological multi-faceted disorder) and between carrying out terrorist acts, and this with the knowledge that this thought may contribute in the incitement to terrorism. some people may move from the theoretical violence to field violence in certain conditions.
* Second: – the difference between the individual violence and collective violence
there is no day passes in europe or america without happening dozens of attacks or individual actions against those close or distant but the acts of the collective violence remain in small number…knowing that some judges or politicians and parties are trying to inflate the circumstances or repercussions of these individual actions, for several reasons.
for example, but not limited to, what happened in the debates that accompanied the presidential election campaigns of us … in light of the dispute over the individual weapons and other . also the right-wing parties in europe are able to exploit any individual incident or attack which is behind it someone from immigrants – or from muslims – for political and electoral gain for these parties.
* Third: – media and technological and tactical side: when it was emerged a phenomenon such as “al-qaeda” in afghanistan and its environs ,there was no means of social media networking with the strength that we are witnessing now in the era of confrontation, “alddaeishia” and others. even media radio and television are not with the strength that allows him to build an incubator for terrorism throughout the planet, or, in contrast, ” global ” countering for terrorist groups, only after the 11st september attacks and the magnitude of it impact, and the subsequent developments that followed .today, it was put the issue of “digital technology” on the agenda of the dozens of governments, and how to confront the negative aspects related to it and taking advantage of positives.

* Fourth: – as stated in the study of the future center for advanced researches and studies ,there are several explanations for the justification of some individuals to violence and terrorist operations ,the most notably is to justify killing civilians through the marketing for the concept of “shielding” , relying on some doctrinal views, which would have allowed the killing of muslims who live in the house of “enemy” directing against him violent strikes , if the enemy “shielding” these muslims!
there are what might be called the “aggressor autism” these groups justify their actions, according to evoke images of acts carried out by the victim, which explain its functioning on the same approach.

* Fifth: – extremist groups take advantage from the approach taken in education, culture, public health, and unemployment ,poverty and destitution, and also from the authoritarian discrimination between regions within the same country, developmentally and media and educationally …there are bright examples of that , even in countries that have not experienced wars or disorders, how for the arab states, where entire regions exposed to authoritarian scandalous neglect and excessive suppression for any request movement if it was very peaceful!
it is axiomatic to say that all of this is a good environment for the emergence or worsening of terrorist phenomena, especially if someone hits the religious or sectarian, tribal or regional tendons.

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