Report about Human Rights


The idea of human rights has preoccupied the minds of philosophers,thinkers, the old and new wise men, addressed by the divine laws and ideas, pens and jurists books, apart from being the talk of media, books, newspapers, magazines and platforms of nations and peoples in the current era.
In antiquity, society was built on the basis of the right follow power, and with the development of human societies and its intellectual and cultural growth. The idea of human rights gradually began to mature in class and popular revolutions (It comes mentioned in subsequent articles) most important of which is what happened in Europe in the 13th century A.D and in America in the 18th century in order to lessen ,resist and abolish the class discrimination , social injustice and political oppression.
Human Rights this new old idea and contemporary was existed by nature with human existence on earth, which was urged by the divine laws, that honored the human and called for humans to morals, as well as many of thinkers , philosophers and wise men who took the idea of human rights. It is true that These ideas known since ancient times, but the concept and the term human rights, it is the rights that should have been enjoyed by man as an adjacent to his human status as a human being, it does not appear as a concept and a customary term only after World War II rather after the establishment of the United Nations body (UN) and the emergence of many organizations, centers and offices that take care about this legal and human aspect.
The most beautiful and most wonderful thing is what came in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that it collect the principles and values of the thought of philosophers and thinkers, jurists and wise men and the spirit of divine laws and it summed up the human struggle since the existence of human on earth and formulated it with clear and simple terms.
The fact that human rights even though it is inherent to the humanitarian existence , but we are as nations and peoples we will not reach the required human and civilized level unless we love to our brothers in humanity what we like for ourselves. And that the nations and peoples represented by their governments and their organizations will not elevate up to the desired human and civilized level ,unless it put human rights in mind and be guided by its light for the deployment of peace, freedom, justice and equality among all people, regardless of the state to which the human belongs, religion or race, language, color, wealth, or sex.
And that the major states dominated on the UN resolution in our recent era, it must be guided by the light of these rights, both in its public policies and enlightened by it, especially what is going in dark rooms.
These countries have the biggest role in establishing the rules and principles of human rights in the souls of all human beings and non-discrimination among them, not to raise slogans and principles and emptied from its content, its essence and meaning during the application.
And what happens from pain and inhuman atrocities in our great human society is not only because of the lack of real belief in the principles of human rights, and the selective application and the big gap between theory and practice.
The truth that must be said that the great human society is still dominated by the old idea, which is rooted in the souls of some sick leaders and politicians, that right is linked to power and who does not have the power his right, will be digested. And weak nations, unfortunately, is exposed.
In any case, the idea of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights remains noble, that these rights inherent to human as he is of being human desired hope and deserves struggle and work to raise up the education and application in order to achieve it practically and to practice it actively by all peoples of the earth.

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